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Tucker Pavilion


7101 Jahnke Rd
Richmond, VA 23225

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For more information about Tucker Pavilion's behavioral health services or for help finding a doctor, call our free, 24/7 Consult-A-Nurse line.

For more information about Tucker Pavilion's behavioral health services or for help finding a doctor, call our free, 24/7 Consult-A-Nurse line.

About Tucker Pavilion

Tucker Pavilion is a safe haven and treatment center for children, teens, adults and seniors who need mental health services in Richmond, Virginia.

Inpatient services

At our residential treatment facility, we provide treatment for conditions such as psychosis, mood disorders and dual diagnoses (addiction issues combined with a mental health diagnosis). Our programs include detoxification, education, coping skill enhancement, and peer support.

We are located in Chippenham Hospital, which ensures we are able to offer a full range of inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization and emergency services.

Mental health services

We provide compassionate care through innovative and personalized therapies. Our range of services and accommodations includes:

  • 137-bed inpatient acute psychiatric hospital
  • 24-hour intake department for assessment and referrals
  • Adult and geriatric behavioral health units
  • Pediatric and adolescent behavioral health unit

If you think you or a loved one may be in crisis, call Tucker Pavilion's 24-hour behavioral health access line at (804) 483-0050.

Behavioral health care specialists

Your primary treatment team works together daily to identify strengths, paths toward treatment goals and anything else you may need to ensure successful treatment.

In addition to an attending adult or pediatric psychiatrist, your treatment team includes:

  • Clinical care managers
  • Expressive therapists
  • Nursing staff
  • Primary care physicians
  • Psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Specialty physicians, as clinically indicated

Direct admission to Tucker Pavilion

Tucker Pavilion’s process for direct admission is designed to be easy for providers. This aids in the timely admission of voluntary patients into our behavioral health units.

Once a member of our behavioral health assessment team confirms you are “medically clear,” they may decide it's not necessary to visit an emergency room. However, a COVID-19 test may be required upon inquiry.

If you have questions about admissions to our inpatient program, please call (804) 483-0050.

If you have questions about our outpatient services, please call (844) 216-5105.

If your medical provider would like to speak with us directly about any of our programs, they may call (844) 216-5105.

Community partnership

As a psychiatric hospital, Tucker Pavilion continues a long-standing tradition of providing exemplary behavioral health services to the community. We use innovative therapeutic services along with an individualized approach to care. To do this, we work closely with community partners such as The Jason Foundation, which is dedicated to the prevention of the silent epidemic — youth suicide.

We work toward this goal by offering educational and awareness programs. They are designed to equip young people, educators, youth workers and parents with the tools and resources needed to help identify and assist at-risk youth.