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Unexpected NICU Stay. Incredible nurse care.

"We had a wonderful experience at StoneSprings. The NICU nurses were unbelievable. We can't think of anything that would have improved our experience."

May 07, 2024
Compassion shines through with these nurses and NICU provider at StoneSprings Hospital's Women's & Children's unit.

New parents don’t expect their birth story to include a stay in the NICU, but when it does, it’s always heartening to hear that the nursing staff at StoneSprings Hospital made a positive impact. A first-time couple welcomed a son at StoneSprings Hospital last month and shared their experience in an email to the Director of the Women’s & Children’s Unit:

“We had a wonderful experience at StoneSprings. First, I had excellent nurses taking care of me, especially Tiffany, throughout delivery and Kylie, in the 12 hours immediately after. Both were kind, smart, and attentive and helped me get through some very physically trying moments.”

Compassionate nursing care is what patients can expect at StoneSprings Hospital. Though we have great providers in every department, our nursing staff is often the front line of hands-on caregiving, allowing them to shine in the eyes of our patients. This was especially true for the parents whose new son needed extra medical support in our Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The parents gave praise for his recovery to the nursing staff:

“The NICU nurses were unbelievable. Jenn, Jemmy, and Neelu treated [our son] like he was their own child - and like we were family! All three were kind, compassionate, and competent. We at no time felt like our baby was in any sort of danger; to the contrary, we had full faith he would recover because they were with him.”

According to the March of Dimes, 1 in 10 babies born preterm end up needing NICU care. That’s why StoneSprings Hospital, a top choice for maternity services in Loudoun County, has the specialized care available. Our family-centered intensive care unit is staffed by a team of providers, including neonatologists and neonatal clinical care nurse specialists. Heather and Jake appreciated the support they received from the team:

“One thing that seems to set your hospital apart is the level of interaction with, and respect for, parents. Every single question we asked was answered fully, patiently, and respectfully. No one was dismissive, impatient, or rushing us.”

“We also enjoyed our interactions with Jordan, the lactation consultant, who gave us lots of helpful information and made breastfeeding seem totally possible.”

With Loudoun growing at an average rate of 2.7 percent per year, new families are moving into the area or buying their first family home and looking for a trusted care partner for life’s most important moments. StoneSprings Hospital offers a wide range of maternity services, including midwifery and labor and delivery services, women’s health services and classes, events and maternity unit tours for new parents and expectant moms. 

The new parents were able to take their son home after a few days. What must have been an anxious time for them was transformed into a positive beginning and a memorable experience:

“We can't think of anything that would have improved our experience. Thank you for all you do to create the culture there that made this experience possible.”



May 07, 2024
StoneSprings Hospital Center