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Infusion therapy

Infusion therapy refers to a treatment method in which medications are delivered directly into the bloodstream. It may be used to treat everything from neurological conditions to various types of cancer.

Infusion therapy centers in Virginia

At our infusion centers, we offer a comfortable, positive atmosphere for you to heal.

Sometimes the most direct route to better health is through infusion treatments, rather than oral medications. When your condition requires intravenous hydration, medication or a transfusion, an HCA Virginia Health System infusion therapy team can help.

Conditions we treat with infusion therapy

Our patients receive personalized infusion services as an advanced method of treatment for conditions, including:

  • Certain types of cancer
  • Certain forms of arthritis
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Crohn's disease
  • Dehydration
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Immune deficiency disorders
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Infusion services we offer

We're equipped to deliver a variety of treatments and therapies at our infusion centers across Virginia.

Types of infusions

Whether you're dehydrated because of a common illness or are dealing with a more complex issue, it's our goal to provide efficient, skilled care with our infusion treatments, which include:

  • Biological response modifiers (biotherapy)
    • Immunotherapy
    • Monoclonal antibody therapy
  • Blood product administration
  • Central venous line catheter care
  • Chemotherapy
  • Cortisol stimulation testing
  • Hydration therapy
  • Infusions to treat or prevent osteoporosis and Paget's disease
  • Infusions to treat rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's disease
  • Injections to reduce asthma attacks
  • Iron infusion

Cancer treatments

Many types of infusion therapies are used to keep cancer from spreading, slow the cancer's growth and relieve cancer symptoms. Combining them with other treatments, such as surgery or radiation therapy, may help eliminate remaining cancer cells.


Biotherapy treats diseases using substances that are made up of living organisms. The substances can be produced in a laboratory or may be extracted from the body as they are naturally occurring. Biotherapy can stimulate or suppress your immune system, in addition to attacking specific cancer cells.

We also offer immunotherapy, a type of biotherapy used to stimulate or manipulate your own immune system to destroy your cancer cells.


Chemotherapy — sometimes referred to as medical oncology — uses powerful medications to treat cancer by destroying cells or stopping them from growing. These medications can be delivered in several ways, including through an IV, orally in liquid or pill form or injected directly into the body.