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Need an estimate for anesthesia services?

In-network & out-of-network insurance

If you’re planning a procedure that requires anesthesia, please call (866) 463-7203 to receive an estimated cost of services for self-pay patients.

Dogwood Anesthesiologists are not employees of the hospital. They are an independent group contracted by the hospital to provide physician services. Therefore, they complete their own billing to patients. Your insurance may not be in network with this group.

For information regarding billing and insurance participation, contact your insurance company.

Dogwood Anesthesia Provider Group
Tax ID: 85-1035186/Group NPI 1982329900

Self-Pay patients

All Self-Pay patients, excluding elective cosmetic procedures and facility-designated self-pay flat rate procedures, will receive a discount similar to managed care, referred to as an "uninsured discount." The Uninsured Discount is limited to patients who have no third-party payer source of payment or do not qualify for Medicaid, Charity, or any other discount program the facility offers. The discount amount may vary by location based on state requirements, patient income levels, and local rates.

If you’re calling about your statement please contact (886) 422-7720.

What to Expect Before Anesthesia

The day before surgery

The day before your surgery, a nurse may call you to obtain a medical history, confirm your arrival time and location and answer any questions. Read through the following for helpful pre-surgery tips:

  • Eating, drinking, and smoking: Each surgical procedure may require different preparation. Please follow your physician's instructions about diet and preparation.
  • Anesthesia: The attending anesthesiologist during surgery may call you the night before. This will allow you to ask questions about your care.
  • Medications: If you usually take medications in the morning, ask your doctor if you should take them before surgery. If you are advised to do so, take them with as little water as possible

The day of surgery

Please follow your doctor's instructions about when to arrive. If you are unsure when your doctor wants you to arrive, please call the hospital for clarification.

You should bring the following items:

  • Insurance card
  • Photo ID or driver's license
  • A complete list of all medications you are currently taking
  • Insulin, if you are diabetic