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Volunteers play an important role at LewisGale Hospital Montgomery. We appreciate the support and assistance our volunteers provide to our staff, our patients and our community.

Information about our volunteer program

Our volunteers help us do more of what we do best — provide high-quality healthcare, help our patients be at ease and extend our services deeper into our community.

Volunteer opportunities

As a volunteer at our hospital, you may be just the right person to:

  • Manage the information desk, transfer incoming calls to patient rooms, provide directions to visitors and patients
  • Deliver flowers, postal mail and printouts of email messages to patients
  • Provide community information and serve beverages and cookies to families in our waiting areas
  • Assist in patient discharge, fill water pitchers, visit with patients and family members, carry out errands for nursing staff
  • Serve as clerical support in non-patient departments

Volunteer qualifications

Ready to serve? We’re always looking for gracious and cooperative spirits who have a sincere desire to help others and who can maintain total patient confidentiality. You’ll join our staff of friendly folks who are adaptable, flexible and completely dependable.

Here is some general information about our volunteer program to help you get started:

  • A personal interview is required before selection into the program.
  • Volunteers must have no visible body piercing or tattoos.
  • If you are unable to report for duty, you must notify the Manager of Volunteer Services Rhonda Whaling at (540) 953-5291 or (540) 250-5388. If you are unable to reach Rhonda please call the desk, (540) 953-5151.
  • Trainees will be assigned to work in pairs with experienced volunteers until you feel comfortable completing a task on your own.
Volunteer position availability

As the need arises, the applicants qualified for the available positions will be contacted by the manager of volunteer services to schedule a formal interview. New volunteers participate in an orientation session and on-the-job training with one of our valued veteran volunteers.

How to submit application materials

Submit the volunteer application form online. Use one of the methods below to submit other application documents.


Rhonda Whaling, Volunteer Manager

Postal mail

LewisGale Hospital Montgomery
Attn: Rhonda Whaling, Volunteer Manager
3700 South Main Street
Blacksburg, VA 24060


You can also drop your additional application materials off at the volunteer desks located in the main lobbies of the hospital.

How to apply

We welcome both adults and teenagers over 14 years old to apply to volunteer at our hospital. All volunteers must submit a volunteer application form. Additional documents that are required depend on the age of the volunteer, so please read carefully below.

Adult and college-age volunteer applicants

If you are 18 years old and older, you should:

College-age students must submit the above along with:

  • A letter of recommendation from a current professor
    Teenage (junior) volunteer applicants

    If you are 14 years old, you can apply for a Junior Volunteer position by:

    • Completing the volunteer application form
    • Submitting a letter of recommendation from a teacher, a guidance counselor or an adult who is not a family member
    • Submitting a copy of your immunization record
    • Completing the disclosure and release form and obtaining a parent or guardian's signature
    • Providing a signed copy of the parental consent form
    • Read the Junior volunteer program required responsibilities information below.

Volunteer chaplains

We're always seeking community faith partners to help with spiritual healing at LewisGale Hospital Montgomery. Volunteer chaplain responsibilities include some of the following:

  • On-call one week a month, or every other month
  • Provide spiritual comfort and guidance to patients, their families, and colleagues
  • Uphold hospital ethics
  • Represent the hospital in the community

Complete the volunteer application form to apply.

Junior volunteer program required responsibilities

  • Applicants must be between 14 and 17 years of age.
  • Applicants must submit to the Manager of Volunteer Services: a completed application, including a parental permission form; a recommendation for a nonfamily adult; a recommendation from a teacher or guidance counselor; and a copy of your immunization record from your family physician.
  • Junior Volunteers must work a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 9 hours each week during the school year. During school breaks and summer Junior Volunteers with the permission of their parent/guardian may work multiple shifts. There may be exceptions to this policy with permission from the Manager of Volunteer Services. A meal is provided in the cafeteria at no charge to the Junior Volunteer, provided a 3-hour shift is being worked.
  • Schedules will be set up with an effort made to accommodate each Junior Volunteer. Each one is required to work where and when they are scheduled. Numerous unexcused absences will result in suspension or dismissal. Notice of at least 24 hours is required if not available for the scheduled shift.
  • Junior Volunteers are required to sign in and out in the Log Book located on the desk in the main lobby.
  • Junior volunteer duties

    • Assist in admitting and discharging patients.
    • Assist in transferring wheelchair patients.
    • Assist staff in errands to and from the laboratory, diagnostic imaging, patient registration, patient floors, etc.
    • Deliver floral arrangements/mail to appropriate patients.
    • Water and rearrange flowers for patients if they wish you to do so.
    • Run errands for patients, get magazines, etc.
    • Provide a cheery and helpful service to the patients and hospital staff.

    Hospital ethics for the junior volunteer

    • Remember that YOU are a representative of the hospital. What you do and the way you do it will affect people’s impressions of the hospital. Strive to make the image you project to the community a positive one.
    • Respect the privacy of the patient
      • Don’t discuss a patient or a patient’s illness either inside or outside the hospital.
      • Don’t discuss one patient with another patient or volunteer.
      • Remember that patient charts are both private and legal. Never read them while escorting patients or at any time a chart may be available to you.
      • Unless you have been instructed to do so, never enter a room with a closed door.
      • If you have been instructed to enter a room where the door is closed, always knock before entering.
      • Always knock before entering a room even when the door is open.
      • Leave the room promptly if a physician enters or a nurse comes in to give the patient a treatment or medication.
      • Never give a patient food or drink without first checking with the nurse. This applies to filling water pitchers also. (Remember: N.P.O. means Nothing by Mouth, even water.)
      • Never inquire of the patient or family what is wrong with the patient. If you are asked what is the patient’s problem, respond by saying, “Patient confidentiality does not allow me to say.”
      • Always keep your voice at a moderate level. This is in keeping with a professional demeanor.
    • Elevator etiquette:
      • When entering the elevator, always step aside to allow visitors and staff to enter the elevator first.
      • When leaving the elevator, always allow guests and staff to exit first.
      • Standing directly in front of the elevator door causes unnecessary congestion when stretchers and x-ray equipment must exit quickly.
    • A short break is permitted while on duty. This must be taken in the dining room only. The hospital dining room is the only area that you may eat or drink while on duty. Please check with a Senior Volunteer before going on a break.
    • The following actions are strictly prohibited:
      • Smoking tobacco or chewing tobacco in the hospital.
      • Lounging on the counter top or using the telephone for personal calls at the information desk.
      • Entering a room marked "isolation"
      • Accepting gifts, tips or making dates with patients is strictly forbidden.
    • Be dependable by:
      • Following instructions accurately and put away any materials you work with when you are finished
      • Remembering there is always something to do. The fact that you are available is most important. Some times will be busier than others. Remember that to be useful, a volunteer must be flexible, be observant and use initiative.

Volunteer application disclosure

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with our hospital. Please read all instructions and forms fully before submission to make sure your information is complete and accurate.

Items to note:

  • Please complete all applicable information on the volunteer application form.
  • On the disclosure and release form:
    • The line for "Any Other Names Used" refers to maiden names, adopted names, married names, etc.
    • If you have no employment history, please write "None" in that section of the disclosure and release form.
    • If you are under the age of 18 years old, the signature of a parent or guardian must be obtained in the appropriate space on the disclosure and release form.
  • Falsifying information on either the volunteer application form or the disclosure and release form may be grounds for denying a volunteer placement.
  • Background investigations will be conducted only on those applicants offered a volunteer position.
  • LewisGale Hospital Montgomery is not obligated to provide a volunteer placement, nor is the Applicant obligated to accept a position, if offered.