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Terry Schultz

Occupational therapist's human advocacy work extends beyond hospital.

May 12, 2022
Terry Schultz and volunteers encircle a display table of sensory items for the "sensory gardens"

Occupational therapist Terry Schultz often volunteers in the community as part of her Temple’s community improvement. Her projects are often OT-related – and they are always focused on human advocacy.

She is a founding committee member of her current project with Congregation Or Atid (COA), which is transforming an abandoned community space into a sensory and memory garden. The vegetables and herbs that grow from the garden are taken to a local food pantry in Richmond, Virginia.

“The gardens at COA include essential elements that stimulate the senses through textures, sounds, color, scent, intellect, and functional mobility,” Schultz said. “The goal for the sensory garden wall on the playground at COA is to focus primarily on developing the basic senses, including tactile, auditory, gross and fine motor, cognitive, socialization, and play skills. The vegetable, herb, and flower gardens and its accessible playground further enhance using all our senses, including the olfactory, vestibular, and proprioceptive skills.”

Terry Schultz poses with other volunteers in front of two tables displaying sensory aids and herbs to build the "sensory gardens"
Terry Schlutz, (second from left) and volunteers of the Congregation Or Atid.

Schultz works with local graduate students and middle schoolers on the sensory wall, which she tackled because of her OT background.

Katherine Long, the director of rehabilitation services at Parham Doctors’ Hospital, said, “I am proud of Terry and so glad to have her on my acute therapy team as she is always blending her knowledge base and resources to better our patients’ lives.”

May 12, 2022
Henrico Doctors' Hospital - Parham