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Find mental wellness support and resources through HCA Virginia and our collaboration with community partners.

As a leader in the community, and as the second largest provider of behavioral health services in the Commonwealth of Virginia, HCA Virginia has taken the initiative to engage other key stakeholders in our state to develop a collaborative resource to support the behavioral health of our teachers, parents, students, and families. HCA Virginia, along with the Virginia PTA, the Virginia Education Association, and the Association of Teacher Educators in Virginia are well positioned to lead the statewide effort to support our community’s behavioral health needs due to their daily influence on the lives of so many individuals, be it through the education system, or direct delivery of patient care.

Drastic and ongoing changes to our global environment including social, environmental, cultural, and political distress have led to an increased focus on the need for behavioral health resources throughout the state. Collaboration among community entities is vital so that we are providing an ongoing and unified message about exactly what resources are needed to support our citizens. Though HCA Virginia is available and ready to provide resources to our community for those with acute mental health needs, these collective changes, and permeation of mental health into every aspect of our lives require a shift in mindset from that of individual patient care to one of complete population health. Furthermore, it will be necessary for our communities to work together in order to provide appropriate behavioral health interventions while supporting an individual’s ability to function in the constantly evolving landscape of everyday life.

The toolkit provided herein will function as a centralized hub of information for our organizations so that individuals throughout the state can reference this webpage as a reliable resource for behavioral health information, events, services, and discussion. Not only do we anticipate that all of our organizations will contribute to the information provided in this resource, but also we hope to engage the community in an ongoing and evolving conversation about their behavioral health needs so that we can continue to ensure that we are meeting these needs both in and out of the classroom.

Virginia Congress of Parents and Teachers (Virginia PTA)

The Virginia Congress of Parents and Teachers, better known as the Virginia PTA, is a volunteer child advocacy association working for ALL children and youth in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Virginia PTA is the strongest group of volunteers in the state working exclusively on behalf of children and youth. Chartered by the National PTA in 1921, the primary goal of the Virginia PTA is to strengthen our family units, our schools and our communities through parent/family involvement. PTA recognizes parents as the first educators in the home and works to promote parents as partners in the school.

The Virginia PTA serves 300,000 members in over 1200 local units within twenty-one geographic districts. Managed by an all-volunteer Board of Managers elected by the membership, the VA PTA/PTSA is one of the largest Congresses of the 54 Congresses in the National PTA. The Virginia PTA is an integral part of the National PTA, serving as the liaison between the local unit and the National PTA, helping each to function effectively and to support and sustain the other.

Virginia Education Association (VEA)

The Virginia Education Association is a Union of more than 40,000 teachers and school support professionals working for the betterment of public education in the Commonwealth. Established in 1863, VEA is a Union dedicated to advancing quality instruction and curriculum, adequate funding, and excellent working conditions for Virginia public employees.

  • We advocate for public education, as well as the professional development and fair treatment of educators.
  • We help our colleagues develop their skills through shared professional learning and mentoring.
  • We advocate at both the state and school division level for competitive salaries as well as increased school funding, so Virginia can retain and attract great teachers and support staff.
  • We work to show the public the important social good that public schools, teachers, and education support professionals deliver.
  • We defend and protect members from unfair regulations, working conditions, and professional liabilities.

Association of Teacher Educators in Virginia

The Association of Teacher Educators in Virginia is your organization for development and support in our profession. As teacher educators, we have much to celebrate in terms of the many exemplary ways that we prepare and support teachers in Virginia. From pre-service through veteran teachers, our organization is a key vehicle for advocacy at the local, state, and national levels.