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Medication safety

Learn more about our hospital s processes to safely handle patient medications, including our use of advanced bar-code technology. Get helpful information about how you and your family can manage and track your medications.

If you're hospitalized, you may not feel strong enough to take an active role in managing your medication use. Family members often provide the comfort and support needed to promote your return to good health. In either case, you rely on hospital staff to ensure medications are administered correctly and on time.

Medication safety: a team effort

StoneSprings Hospital Center is deeply aware of this responsibility to patients and families. We have systems of checks and balances in place to make sure medications are used safely and effectively. Each medication order is checked by pharmacy and nursing staff against a patient bar-coded identification band using our pioneering Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) & Bar-Coding technology. The team may also ask you questions about the medication you are taking. Although some questions may seem redundant, the goal is to ensure you receive the medication that is right for you.

During this critical time, as a patient or a family member, you're part of the healthcare team. You share the responsibility for safe medication use. As much as you trust your care provider's knowledge and judgment, you owe it to yourself and your family to learn as much as you can about proper medication use.

Teamwork pays off

Taking an active role in a safe medication use has many advantages. Your participation helps prevent medication errors and makes you a more informed healthcare consumer. Your provider, nurse and pharmacist welcome your involvement. Teamwork has advantages for everyone.

We're here to help. Don't be shy—feel free to ask questions about your medications and other treatments.