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Orthopedic care

Orthopedic doctors, called orthopedists, take care of bones and joints. This includes knee pain, total joint replacement, issues that impact your spine and more. You might need to see an orthopedist if you have arthritis or osteoporosis, or if you've had a recent sprain, strain or broken bone.

Orthopedic doctors in Dulles, Virginia

We help restore your movement and reduce your pain.

At StoneSprings Hospital Center, we provide advanced treatment options for orthopedic and spinal conditions. Our orthopedic specialists work with you one-on-one to determine the cause of your pain and design a high-quality care plan to address your needs.

Do you have knee or hip pain?

Don't be defined by joint pain. Answering a few questions can help you determine if you need to speak to your doctor about next steps.

Don't be defined by joint pain. Answering a few questions can help you determine if you need to speak to your doctor about next steps.

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Orthopedic conditions we treat

Our orthopedic specialists are experienced in treating a wide range of conditions affecting the bones and muscles, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Broken bones
  • Chronic instability
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Foot and ankle conditions
  • Fractures
  • Ganglion cyst
  • Hand and upper extremity conditions
  • Hip pain and injuries
  • Hypomobility in joints
  • Inflammation
  • Joint conditions
  • Kyphosis treatment
  • Knee pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Scoliosis
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Sprains and strains

Our orthopedic treatment options

Our highly trained team of orthopedic specialists is dedicated to helping you get better faster.

Comprehensive orthopedic care

We offer both nonsurgical and surgical treatments to help restore your body's function. We may begin your treatment with rehabilitative therapies to try and naturally repair your physical abilities. If surgery is necessary, we offer advanced, minimally invasive approaches that require smaller incisions. This technique often means less pain, minimal scarring and a faster recovery. We can perform a variety of surgical procedures, including ankle, hip and shoulder replacements, as well as revision joint surgery.

Hip replacement surgery

Our skilled hip specialists perform total hip replacements using traditional and direct (front) anterior hip replacement techniques. The direct anterior hip replacement is minimally invasive and requires smaller incisions, so there is less trauma to tendons and surrounding muscles. This means a faster recovery and less pain than traditional approaches.

Knee replacement surgery

Our knee doctors and surgical team use advanced, minimally invasive techniques to perform knee replacement surgery. Each procedure and implant is customized to your anatomy for a better fit, faster recovery and enhanced function. Many of our patients begin walking the same day as their surgery.

Shoulder replacement surgery

Chronic shoulder pain can make everyday activities difficult, including brushing your teeth, putting on clothes or cooking. Depending on the limitations of your range of motion, if nonsurgical remedies have proven ineffective, you may need shoulder replacement surgery of some kind. In this case, we offer both partial replacements, in which only the ball of the shoulder joint is replaced, and total replacements, in which both the ball and socket are replaced. Our orthopedic surgeons also offer repair procedures for previous shoulder surgeries.

Spine care and surgery

After experiencing chronic neck or back pain, physical therapy and restricted activity may be enough to get you on the road to recovery. However, sometimes advanced spine surgery may be necessary.

Our spine care team includes board-certified and fellowship-trained spine surgeons, orthopedic specialists and interventional radiologists. Our spine surgeons perform a variety of complex procedures. We can stabilize joints, decompress pinched nerves, fuse bones and correct deformities all through a few small incisions.

If you are concerned about your spine, take our online back pain assessment to see if you should contact one of our orthopedists.