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Labor and delivery

Just as every baby is unique, so is every delivery. As your trusted care partner, we work to provide a personalized birthing experience that begins long before your first contraction and continues well after delivery.

Maternity and childbirth services in Richmond, Virginia

We're here to help to have a safe and joyous birth experience.

At Chippenham Hospital, our clinicians include midwives, obstetrician-gynecologists (OB/GYNs) and maternal-fetal medicine specialists. We offer specialized maternity, labor and delivery services to support you and your developing baby.

Want to register online for delivery?

Save time and stress on the big day by registering for your delivery now. It's just one more way we're thinking of you and your comfort in birth.

Save time and stress on the big day by registering for your delivery now. It's just one more way we're thinking of you and your comfort in birth.

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Complete labor and delivery services

From prenatal care to postpartum and newborn support, our team is here to help you stay healthy and welcome your baby.

Personalized prenatal care

Our prenatal care helps monitor your pregnancy, plan for birth and learn how to care for your new baby. If you have a low-risk pregnancy and would prefer to partner with a certified nurse midwife (CNM) instead of an OB/GYN, we also provide access to midwifery services.

High-risk pregnancy care

Should your pregnancy be deemed high-risk, you are in good hands with our care team. Our maternal-fetal medicine doctors are trained in complex high-risk pregnancy care. These specialists provide a broad range of services, from preconception counseling to hospital antepartum care. They will care for you whether you have a preexisting condition, are carrying multiples or are considered high-risk for another reason.

Maternity classes and hospital tours

We offer educational opportunities through our prenatal care program, including:

  • Hospital tours, which provide an opportunity for you to view our facilities and ask any questions about our services or amenities before your due date.
  • Maternity classes, which are designed to help you and your partner prepare for labor, childbirth and newborn care.

Delivering your baby at our hospital

We deliver more than 1,000 babies a year at our facility. This is thanks to our childbirth team — including obstetricians, anesthesiologists, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, neonatologists (doctors with advanced training in caring for sick or premature newborns), nurses and CNMs. They work closely as a team with you to make sure you experience labor and birth your way, while keeping you and your baby safe and healthy. As part of this dedication to your care, we offer a variety of services, including low-intervention and unmedicated birth options.

Beyond your health and safety, we also consider your comfort. We offer private, deluxe labor and delivery rooms, as well as private postpartum suites, all of which are fitted with modern amenities and include accommodations for your birth partner or spouse.

Additionally, we welcome and support oula care. If you would like to partner with a doula during labor and delivery, we are happy to connect you to doulas in the Richmond area.

Family-centered newborn care

Once your little one arrives, you will both be looked after by our loving team. We practice couplet care, or "rooming in," so you and your partner can bond with your baby in a private setting. This means your baby stays with you in your room, even during exams. The same nurse cares for you and your baby throughout your time with us.

Postpartum care

We work with you to ensure that you and your baby receive our full support, both while you are in our hospital and after you go home.

Some of our postpartum care services include:

  • Access to donor milk — If your baby needs more breast milk than you can supply, we offer human milk from donors through our partnership with Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk, Virginia. This means your baby can continue to receive the numerous health benefits of breast milk.
  • Baby photography — We partner with Mom365 to offer newborn portraits and an online gallery for family and friends.
  • Breastfeeding support — We’ve been named "breastfeeding-friendly" by the Virginia Department of Health for our efforts to support breastfeeding among new mothers. Our on-site, internationally board-certified lactation consultants are available to help you and your baby learn successful breastfeeding techniques, if you wish. You can still call our lactation consultants for additional support at (804) 483-2253 after you and baby return home.
  • Ongoing support and counseling — We offer postpartum support groups and postpartum depression treatment services, via 24/7 phone support—simply call (804) 483-0050.

Our Labor and delivery Locations

Currently Viewing:

Chippenham Hospital
7101 Jahnke Rd
Richmond, VA 23225
 (804) 483 - 0000

Currently Viewing:

Chippenham Hospital
7101 Jahnke Rd
Richmond, VA 23225
 (804) 483 - 0000
Johnston-Willis Hospital
1401 Johnston Willis Dr
Richmond, VA 23235
 (804) 483 - 5000

3.7 miles

Henrico Doctors' Hospital
1602 Skipwith Rd
Richmond, VA 23229
 (804) 289 - 4500

6.3 miles

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