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Complex care

Complex care refers to a program that provides multidisciplinary treatments if you are experiencing multiple or severe illnesses. We work together to create a personalized plan for your needs to help you smoothly transition to the next phase of care.

Complex care services in Downtown Richmond

When different medical conditions and symptoms happen all at once, it can be overwhelming.

At Retreat Doctors’ Hospital, a campus of Henrico Doctors’ Hospital, our complex care team treats multiple diagnoses. We use a comprehensive approach, in which medical and rehabilitation specialists create a plan for your overall health and well-being.

Conditions requiring complex care

You may need complex care during or after experiencing severe or multiple illnesses or injuries, such as:

  • Brain injury or coma
  • Catastrophic or severe illness
  • Chronic or non-healing wounds
  • Multitrauma injuries
  • Neurological conditions
  • Non-weight bearing injuries
  • Pulmonary complications
  • Stroke

Our complex care services

We provide coordinated inpatient medical and rehabilitation services to help you heal as part of our complex care program.

Complex care treatments

Complex care can be a long process. Our team will not only work together to provide the best medical treatment, but we’ll also give you endless encouragement and support. We strive to be as clear as possible about what to expect during your treatment.

Your customized complex care plan will include a combination of treatments determined by your doctor. Some treatments you may receive include:

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)
  • Long-term intravenous (IV) antibiotics
  • Parenteral nutrition (PN) (IV nutrition)

Features of our complex care program

Complex care teams are composed of doctors and specialists who monitor overlapping symptoms and provide appropriate treatments. They focus on your whole health so that your recovery can be as quick and complete as possible.

Your interdisciplinary team meets weekly to discuss your plan of care, based on your unique needs. Every other week, patients, families or caregivers are invited, so that everyone can prepare for a smooth transition to acute rehabilitation or to return home with home health.

Features of our program include:

  • A team of board-certified doctors working together for you — Led by board-certified co-medical directors in internal medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation, our team also includes specialists in infectious disease, neurology, cardiology and orthopedic care.
  • Support from the finest care managers — Your care team is made up of skilled nurses, case managers, therapists (physical, occupational and speech) and case liaisons. They're here the first day of treatment all the way through and after your transition.
  • Family involvement in the care process — We participate in weekly conferences, which families and caregivers are invited to attend. Case liaisons also ensure loved ones understand treatment and your progress in the program.
  • Private rooms — Complex care is provided on the fifth floor of the hospital, and every room is comfortable and private, offering a peaceful and healing recovery for you and your family during an extended stay.
  • Time to recover — Occupational, speech and physical therapies are not limited by time, and you can receive multiple services during the stay. All therapies are coordinated and work as stepping stones to help you fully participate in intensive inpatient rehabilitation if needed.

Louis's story about our complex care program

Our patient, Louis, describes his experience receiving treatment at Retreat Doctors' Hospital's complex care program.

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