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Surgery is a branch of medicine that involves treating diseases or injuries by adjusting or removing organs, tissues or bones. Surgery includes both necessary procedures like cardiac surgery, or elective procedures such as joint replacement.

Surgical specialists in Chesterfield County

With support and warmth, our physicians provide advanced surgical care.

At Johnston-Willis Hospital, we are meticulous in our surgical care. Whether you need general surgery or a complex procedure, there's nothing "routine" about it. We'll answer your questions, prepare you for recovery and treat you like family along the way.

Surgical care we provide

In every type of surgery, your needs are our top priority. Our surgeons combine compassionate care with advanced technology to offer you options that fit your unique circumstances.

Minimally invasive surgery

We are pleased to bring minimally invasive surgical techniques to our community. These procedures, such as laparoscopy and robotic surgery, offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Faster recovery
  • Less postoperative pain (which reduces the need for narcotic pain medication)
  • Less scarring
  • Shorter hospital stay

Robotic surgery

Robot-assisted surgery allows your surgeon to operate through tiny incisions with greater precision than is possible with the human hand. However, the robotic technology does not function independently. Your surgeon is using the robot as an extension of their own hand and is in full control at all times.

When possible, we use robotic surgery to perform:

Orthopedic surgery

Our orthopedic program provides extensive surgical care for conditions affecting the muscles, bones, tendons and other connective tissues. Additionally, our hip and knee replacement programs have received accreditation from The Joint Commission, a leading healthcare accreditation organization in the United States.


Our hospital is one of only a few hospitals on the East Coast with operating suites and teams completely dedicated to neurological care. We are also the only hospital in Central Virginia, and one of only two hospitals in Virginia, offering neurology patients minimally invasive stereotactic radiosurgery and focused ultrasound. This technology uses extremely precise cobalt radiation beams to treat brain tumors, trigeminal neuralgia, Parkinson's disease and other neurological disorders.

Spine surgery

Our spine surgeons use minimally invasive, robot-assisted surgical technology for maximum precision and accuracy. In many cases, we can stabilize joints, decompress pinched nerves, fuse bones and correct deformities, all through a few very small incisions.

This type of minimally invasive spine surgery causes less trauma to surrounding muscles and tissues, which means many patients go home within a day or two.

Other surgeries

Johnston-Willis Hospital also offers skilled surgeons in a variety of other specialty areas, including breast surgery (both reconstructive and plastic surgery), surgical oncology and urologic surgery.

General surgery

Despite the specialty's name, our general surgeons are actually specifically trained to perform a wide range of surgeries. More typically, general surgeons focus on abdominal procedures, including surgeries for appendicitis, hernias and other intestinal conditions. They may also specialize in the head and neck, breasts, skin and soft tissues, extremities, vascular system and endocrine system.

Postsurgical rehabilitation

After surgery, particularly orthopedic procedures, physical therapy and rehabilitation may be necessary to help restore your function and get you moving. At our hospital, rehabilitation specialists will begin working with you as soon as you are able to after surgery. If additional therapies are necessary after you leave the hospital, we also offer outpatient rehabilitation services.

Robot-assisted surgery for endometriosis

One patient reflects on being diagnosed with endometriosis and the healing she experienced after receiving minimally invasive robotic surgery at Johnston-Willis Hospital.

Our Surgery Locations

Currently Viewing:

Johnston-Willis Hospital
1401 Johnston Willis Dr
Richmond, VA 23235
 (804) 483 - 5000

Currently Viewing:

Johnston-Willis Hospital
1401 Johnston Willis Dr
Richmond, VA 23235
 (804) 483 - 5000
Chippenham Hospital
7101 Jahnke Rd
Richmond, VA 23225
 (804) 483 - 0000

3.7 miles

Henrico Doctors' Hospital
1602 Skipwith Rd
Richmond, VA 23229
 (804) 289 - 4500

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