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Labor and delivery

Just as every baby is unique, so is every delivery. As your partner in care, we provide a customized birthing experience that begins long before your first contraction and continues well after delivery.

Labor and delivery in Reston, Virginia

Whether or not this is your first baby, we're ready to care for you both, no matter what.

Reston Hospital Center's maternity care team is with you from prenatal to delivery to postpartum support. We work to help you stay healthy and prepare you to care for yourself and your baby after birth.

Preregister for your delivery

When you preregister for delivery at our hospital, you can enter your insurance information, make arrangements for your personal obstetrician and avoid added stress on your delivery day.

When you preregister for delivery at our hospital, you can enter your insurance information, make arrangements for your personal obstetrician and avoid added stress on your delivery day.

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Birth services we offer

Whatever your birth plan, our labor and delivery doctors and obstetric nurses manage your care throughout your delivery.

Prenatal care

When you choose to deliver your baby at our maternity center, you receive customized care, starting with our prenatal care services.

Features of our prenatal program include:

  • Care for every type of pregnancy — From advanced monitoring for high-risk pregnancies to low-intervention midwifery services, we offer support for all types of pregnancies and birth plans, including doula care.
  • Dedicated antepartum unit — Our four-bed antepartum unit is designed for your comfort, whether you stay with us for a few days or several weeks. Each room features advanced medical technology, as well as home-like amenities like more comfortable mattresses, mini refrigerators and space for visitors.
  • Dedicated birth nurse navigator — We offer personalized care from our birth nurse navigator to help you throughout your pregnancy journey.

Labor and delivery

At our hospital, you will welcome your baby in a safe, soothing environment. Our childbirth delivery facility services include:

  • A medical team ready for anything — Our team is here for whatever you need, including anesthesiologists and dedicated operating rooms nearby for unplanned or emergency cesarean sections (C-sections).
  • A private, peaceful and family-friendly setting — We offer ample, spacious birthing suites with private bathrooms and showers, as well as comfortable overnight sleeping arrangements for you and your partner. We also offer two complimentary meals for your support person after you deliver so you can spend even more valuable time together.
  • Around-the-clock physician coverage — Our labor and delivery department is staffed by obstetricians (OBs) who provide routine and emergency obstetric care. In the event your doctor is unavailable, your care is managed by a skilled childbirth doctor until your personal OB arrives.
  • Childbirth delivery options — No matter your birth plan, we provide a range of options for you to experience delivery your way.
  • Experience you can count on — We deliver more than 3,000 babies a year. Our childbirth experts, including maternal-fetal medicine specialists, neonatologists and certified nurse midwives, work closely as a team to make sure every delivery is safe and smooth.
  • Valet parking and convenient access — Getting in and out of our facility is easy. Our Garage A and west wing entrance allow quick access to our labor and delivery and postpartum floors. Complimentary valet parking is available from 5:00am to 8:00pm on weekdays at the Pavilion II entrance only.

Advanced neonatal services

We provide the advanced intensive care your baby needs as well as the support your family deserves. To provide gentle, expert care to our tiniest patients, we offer a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The team in our NICU includes neonatologists from Children’s National Hospital, which U.S. World News & Report consistently ranks a leader in neonatal care.

The clinical expertise of Children’s National Hospital, paired with the quality and convenience of Reston Hospital Center, means a higher level of care for critically ill and premature babies.

Family-centered neonatal care

Our NICU services include:

  • A family waiting room — Our spacious lounge allows you to catch up on work, spend time with other family members, find educational resources and communicate with your baby’s neonatal care team.
  • Considerate communication — Our caregivers understand this is a stressful time for your family. We will make sure you stay well-informed while we take excellent care of your baby.
  • Extended visitation — You can stay by your baby’s side almost 24 hours a day. We also encourage visitation with siblings (eight years old and older) and grandparents. Visitors are welcomed two at a time, accompanied by one or both parents. Our NICU limits visitors during two, 90-minute shift changes at 6:30am and 6:30pm.
  • Unlimited bonding — We encourage you to spend as much time as possible with your baby, holding or feeding them as often as you can.

Get to know our maternity department

We offer a number of amenities before, during and after birth, including maternity unit tours and postpartum support.

Birthing classes and tours

We want you and your family to be comfortable with caring for your newborn. Visit our calendar and events page to register for a maternity class. Also, register for maternity tours to become familiar with our maternity hospital and its amenities.

Travel Concierge Guide

Our helpful travel guide (pdf) reduces some of the stress of travel planning with information on area hotels, restaurants and transportation options. We want your visit with us to be as smooth as possible.

Advanced maternity care and NICU services

We welcome you to explore maternity care at our hospital. We offer comprehensive care including dedicated birth navigators and advanced NICU services.

Neonatology and high-risk pregnancy services at Reston Hospital Center

The Giger family discusses their experience with neonatal and high-risk pregnancy services at Reston Hospital Center featuring care from Children's National Neonatologists.